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We at MT Granite have been a company that has been around since 2001 as one of the best-rated quartz countertops near me Kenosha contractors. Our skilled countertops Kenosha contractors offer a wide variety of granite countertops nearby Kenosha project, marble countertops, stone, quartz countertops nearby Kenosha project, or any other project for kitchen countertops, or even bathroom countertops Kenosha plans. We only use the best quality materials that offer high durability against everyday use and are strong. Our professional quartz countertops nearby Kenosha contractors are dedicated to keeping good relationships with our customers and giving them the best feasible results. We provide free estimation on-site for any commercial or residential customer.

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Our CNC Sawjet
High Precision In Every Countertop Design

Our CNC Sawjet

Our MT Granite company uses SABERjet™️ XP a professional and top-quality CNC sawjet used for stone-related projects. The SABERjet™️ XP has many advancements and improvements for efficiency as it possesses a 27 hp arbor motor, and also, it has a more accurate and quicker waterjet system. This CNC also comes with a programmation that is automatic and designed specifically for granite countertops nearby Kenosha projects, porcelain, quartzite countertops Kenosha jobs, quartz countertops Kenosha projects, and more . This CNC sawjet permits our countertops near me Kenosha company to provide our customers with customized countertops in all these materials and much more.

By using the latest technology provided by the CNC sawjet
we can deliver high precision and quality in all the designs. 

Granite Countertops Kenosha Services And More



Quartz Countertops Kenosha

We possess a large variety of high-quality quartz countertops Kenosha services. Our MT Granite company can provide a tailor-made, style for your rooms. The quartz countertops can be done and cut accurately to provide the look that you were expecting.


Kitchen Countertops Kenosha

We deliver beautiful kitchen countertops Kenosha design, shaped in any size for each customer. At MT Granite we are ready to assist you to decide on the right style, designing your kitchen countertops Kenosha project, and providing you with an expert installation for this.


Granite Countertops Kenosha

One of the most utilized elections for bathroom countertops Kenosha project or kitchen countertops is granite countertops. These are good-looking and natural and are requested due to the luxury and durability they provide, and as it's practical for any situation.


Bathroom Vanities Kenosha

Our firm MT Granite can create any vanity from all our materials. Furthermore, we can craft any bar or storage area, Our designers are very talented and creative will deliver customized, and carefully made bathroom vanities Kenosha citizens love.


Marble Countertops Kenosha

Many kitchens may have a great style but with the presence of good-looking marble countertops, you can incorporate the sophistication of marble by adding it. Our marble countertops Kenosha experts can help you to make the right decision with your marble countertop.


Fireplaces Kenosha

A fireplace is an ideal place to install stone and we will create the perfect fireplace for you that matches the style of your house. Our professionals will take into account the instructions you give them, to provide you with a custom-tailored fireplace Kenosha project.

This is how we work!

Step by Step

Contact Us
MT Granite is waiting for your call to discuss your countertop Kenosha needs. Call us for a comprehensive discussion about your quartz, granite, or quartzite countertops Kenosha projects.
Site Visit
Our design experts will visit your project site or home to first understand your requirements and then to discuss your options for countertops or vanities installations.
Design Stage
MT Granite has the best design team in Kenosha. The designers will rework and edit your design until you are 100% in agreement and completely satisfied.
Countertops Installation
Our installers will give you a time frame for the completion of your countertop installation. MT Granite is proud of their history of always delivering the completed job on time.
Final Product
Our installers are always making sure that there is no mess or signs of work going on. The job is only done when the customer says it’s done.

The Benefits of Choosing Our Kitchen Countertops Kenosha Services


MT Granite’s industry knowledge, evolving technologies, and expertise make them the best in Kenosha. They specialize in marble, granite, and quartz kitchen countertops near me Kenosha residents adore.

01-Customer Service Excellence

Our friendly and expertly trained staff are ready to assist with all your quartz, marble, or quartz countertops near Kenosha needs. For quartz countertops nearby Kenosha buyers prefer, call MT Granite for exceptional friendly service.

02-Expertise and Experience

MT Granite guarantees precision installation, superior workmanship, and outstanding service for your marble kitchen countertops nearby Kenosha homeowners buy. Our professional installation team has years of experience and expertise in the industry.

03-Free Quote

MT Granite guarantees precision installation, superior workmanship, and outstanding service for your marble kitchen countertops nearby Kenosha homeowners buy. Our professional installation team has years of experience and expertise in the industry.

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Remodeling is not just about upgrading a few cabinets or tiles in your bathroom or kitchen. MT Granite wants to help you create the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams and we do this by offering the most stunning marble, granite, quartz, or quartzite countertops Kenosha homeowners ask for.


Show off your design style with the installed of perfect quartz countertops Kenosha homeowners and remodelers trust.


We have a wide range of choices that local developers love as this gives them the ability to customize the countertops they use in their designs.


We will customize your countertops with color and design to suit and compliment any remodeling space.


We have so many options for builders and contractors to choose from for any project, large or small.

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