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Since 2001, MT Granite company has been a leading quartz countertops contractor offering service to the Rockford area. Our specialists offer a wide range of stone and quartz countertops Rockford knows and trusts, granite countertops Rockford cannot get enough of, and quartzite countertops Rockford residents prefer in addition to other countertops Rockford property-owners could need. We utilize only top-quality tough materials that can withstand daily use. Our quartz countertops contractors deliver outstanding customer service for outstanding outcomes.  We provide complimentary estimates on site for residential and commercial clients and are committed to maintaining relationships with clients as high quality as possible.

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CNC Sawjet use
High Precision In Every Countertop Design

CNC Sawjet use

For each project involving the countertops Rockford residents prefer, MT Granite uses SABERjet XP, a high-caliber, professional CNC sawjet. Thanks to water jet systems that are more precise and faster as well as to its arbor motor of 27 hp, the SABERjet XP has made significant leaps and bounds in productivity. Automated and designed to expressly cut granite, porcelain, and quartzite countertops in Rockford, the XP may be obtained standard with this programming. A CNC sawjet helps us to give you completely tailored stone countertops, quartz countertops and granite countertops Rockford property-owners love!

Our CNC sawjet helps us to deliver you
top cutting precision for each of our designs!

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Quartz Countertops

MT Granite delivers customized, gorgeous designs for your space through our wide range of top-quality quartz countertops in Rockford. We can accurately and seamlessly cut your quartz countertops so that they match your desired design aesthetic.


Kitchen Countertops

We at MT Granite, deliver great-looking kitchen countertops Rockford clients can’t get enough of, whatever your project’s scope or size. We will guide you through design decisions, your kitchen countertops’ creation, and the installation in a professional, meticulous manner.


Granite Countertops

Granite countertops in Rockford are some of the most popular choices for all kitchen and bathroom countertops. Granite countertops are an excellent choice to provide natural luxury as well as durability that are also quite versatile.


Bathroom Vanities

Any of our materials can be used for the creation of bathroom vanities Rockford residents admire. We can create a wide assortment of storage/bar spaces as well. Our designers can provide bathroom vanities that are aesthetically-pleasing and tailored, thanks to their exceptional talent and creativity.


Marble Countertops

A kitchen that is already magnificent can be enhanced through gorgeous marble countertops Rockford residents love. Our professionals in marble countertops will guide you to making the ideal choice.



Fireplaces in Rockford are an obvious spot for stone installation. We can build your fireplace so that it matches seamlessly into your home’s style. Our specialists will converse with you about the details in order to give you a tailor-made fireplace.

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